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  • Two Button or Three Button....How to Decide?

     I probably get this question more than any other.."Am I a 2-button man or a 3-button man?" For many men this is a constant debate, how to choose a suit that is classic, but also fashion forward? As I said in my previous post, to choose the right suit, a man must really consider his body type. For example, a taller man can pull of a 3-button suit, much better than a man on the shorter side. I stumbled across a great article that gives a nice breakdown on deciding between a 2 or 3 button suit: Two Button vs....

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  • How to Choose the Perfect Suit

     You don't have to spend over $500 dollars to get a great suit! You just need to know a few tips to choose the right suit that will make you look like you spent thousands of dollars. 1.The two button suit is the look for 2013. Two button suits offer a very defined look, while still making a bold statement.  2. Avoid crazy colors. The best colors for a great suit are black, navy, charcoal gray, or a dark pinstripe.  3. You must always have a classic white dress shirt in your closet. A new trend is a classic shirt mixed with...

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