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  • How To Buy A Suit Online - 3 Easy Steps

      SAVE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS HOW TO BUY A SUIT ONLINE IN 3 STEPS Buy a business suit online? That seems like a pretty dangerous investment. However it is actually quite the contrary. So here are the essential tips to buying a suit online: Know Your Measurements This is the most important rule of buying a suit (or any clothing for that matter) online. My suggestion is that you go to a department store and try on a number of different jackets and pants. This will help you get a better understanding of your size and how the suit will...

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  • What Color Suits Are Acceptable For Business?

     To determine what color suit is acceptable for business really depends on the business that you're in. If you work for an insurance company a more reserved color would be preferred. If you're job is a television show presenter, then an array of suit colors would work well for you. Typically men’s suits are designed for important business and social occasions have traditionally been dark in color.  The acceptable colors for suits are navy, gray, tan, also black, olive, and in some cases, brown. Navy and gray tend to be the most popular since they look good on a man...

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