• How To Buy A Suit Online - 3 Easy Steps




    Buy a business suit online? That seems like a pretty dangerous investment. However it is actually quite the contrary. So here are the essential tips to buying a suit online:

    Know Your Measurements

    This is the most important rule of buying a suit (or any clothing for that matter) online.

    My suggestion is that you go to a department store and try on a number of different jackets and pants. This will help you get a better understanding of your size and how the suit will look on you. Do not be afraid to ask for advice from a sale person.

    Do not be shy. Trying on a suit does not mean that you are obligated to purchase it. Sales people know that purchasing a suit is a large investment and taking a moment to think before purchasing is absolutely acceptable.

    You can also go to a local tailor or even have a friend or your spouse measure you. They will need to measure you chest right across the pecks. Once you have purchased the suit online, you can bring it back to your tailor to have it altered. Alterations are typically between the $15 and $20 range. If you find a great suit online, even with the alterations you will be saving yourself hundreds of dollars.

    When it comes to the pants, waist size is important also. First, you need to determine how you wear your jeans and regular pants. If you a prone to tighter jeans, you will need to go up one size for your suits.

    You jacket sleeve should reveal a half-inch of your shirt cuff. No Shorter!

    Stick With Color Staples....No Complex Patterns

    No matter how high the photo resolution on the website, it will be difficult to truly determine the size of a pinstripe or pattern.

    When buying a suit online, stick to the solid colors or basic pinstripes.

    Don't Fear the Unknown Brand

    According to stylist and fashion writer Michael Lubarksy:

    "Many of those unknown names are actually made in the exact same factories of Valentino and Ralph Lauren," Lubarsky says. Their design may be slightly different, but you're getting similar workmanship if not the same fabric quality, he explains. A suit from a lesser-known designer can cost around $200, a savings of more than $1,000 from a well-known designer brand. โ€œ

    "You can save 20% to 50% by buying online," says Michael Lubarsky, contributing fashion writer for

    If you follow these important three steps you will be good to go to purchase a suit online and save yourself hundreds of dollars.

    Mark Zachery

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