• What Color Suits Are Acceptable For Business?

     To determine what color suit is acceptable for business really depends on the business that you're in. If you work for an insurance company a more reserved color would be preferred. If you're job is a television show presenter, then an array of suit colors would work well for you.

    Typically men’s suits are designed for important business and social occasions have traditionally been dark in color.  The acceptable colors for suits are navy, gray, tan, also black, olive, and in some cases, brown.

    Navy and gray tend to be the most popular since they look good on a man of any race. The muted colors of gray and navy also really bring out a man's eyes and hair color.

    Traditionally black suits have been the go-to for social events such as funerals,and evening functions. However, black has become known in the business world as a power color. There are many forums and stylists who discourage men from wearing a black suit to an interview or an important meeting with those higher on the business totem pole than yourself. 

    My suggestion is start with the various shades of gray and navy and see which one makes you look your best. Also, don't forget the option of separates. A textured blazer or sport coat with a great pair of pants can be as acceptable as a simple suit.

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