• 2 Easy Ways to Determine the Quality of a Suit

    1. Pay Attention to the Fit:

    No matter where you buy your suit, to look great it must be all about the fit. This is truly the most important aspect in determining the difference between quality and ordinary. You might ask yourself, why is this the most important? Answer, because it most effects the way your suit will look and feel on you. How a man moves and feels in a suit can make a huge difference between blending in and standing out.  Plus, ask yourself - if the suit doesn't fit you perfectly why spend $$$ on it? After all, it's not exactly a cheap purchase.

    This does not mean that you need to go out and spend thousands of dollars to get a suit tailored to your body (Not many of us have that kind of money). Getting a perfect fit means taking the time, after purchasing the suit, to have some slight alterations made. Common alterations are not expensive at all and can turn an off-the-rack suit into a showstopper.  

    2. The Fabric

    Make sure that the Outer Fabric of the suit's shell is a good quality wool (or mostly wool). Why wool? Using wool is important because it is a natural, durable fabric which is also breathable during the hotter spring and summer months. Wool has heat resistant properties and so won't some back with press marks or that “shiny” look after you take it to the dry cleaners.

    You can't go wrong with Super 100s to Super 130s Pure Wool for the workplace. The Super count refers to the thickness of the wool thread and the higher the count the finer, lighter (and more expensive) the fabric will be.

    Super 140s and Super 150s and above are extremely luxurious and soft to the touch. These counts are most often the realm of executive Business Suits and suits for special occasions like Wedding Suits, Dinner Suits and Evening Jackets. ( Zachery's Fine Menswear offers Super 140s and 150s at a discounted price!)

    If you want more of a fashion look, then Wool Blends are generally OK. Wool Blends are cheaper and can offer that metallic finish that many younger men want. However, depending on the percentage of wool in the blend, the suit may not be too breathable and susceptible to damage during dry cleaning.

    At the end of the day you've just got to know what you're paying for.

    -Mark Zachery

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