• How to Choose the Perfect Suit

     You don't have to spend over $500 dollars to get a great suit!
    You just need to know a few tips to choose the right suit that will make you look like you spent thousands of dollars.

      1.The two button suit is the look for 2013. Two button suits offer a very defined look, while still making a bold statement. 
      2. Avoid crazy colors. The best colors for a great suit are black, navy, charcoal gray, or a dark pinstripe. 
      3. You must always have a classic white dress shirt in your closet. A new trend is a classic shirt mixed with a colorful tie.       
      4. Make sure it fits properly in the shoulders when you try it on. If it doesn't, the suit will never fit well โ€” despite what the salesman tells you. 
      5. Have your suit altered by a good tailor. Your suit needs to be tailored to your body. 
      6. At the least, have the sleeves shortened. They should end at the hinge of your wrist so a sliver of dress-shirt cuff peaks out.
      7. Have the length of the pants altered. Most guys walk around with their pants too low. 
      8. If you're a slimmer guy, have the sides of the jacket taken in a bit, so the suit contours to your torso. 
      9. Know what to wear with your suit. Unless you already have a great sense of style, keep it simple: light colored shirt, dark tie. 
      10. How do you care for your suit? Dry clean it as infrequently as possible, in order to preserve the integrity of the fabric. If need be, have it professionally steam pressed to remove wrinkles. (Or, a cheap and fast way is to hang it in the shower with the door closed.)

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